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Friday, 2 July 2010


Six weeks or so of  "I'm bored" and various other small crisis as the youngsters are slipped for the Summer Holidays and they go on a variety of adventures. Some of them planned and some unplanned as they all seek a new activity to explore or attempt. In a hundred years little has changed, and while possibly today's children don't necessarily have the same freedom as those of the early 20th century, the end result is often the same. A. Wallis Mills (1878-1940) cartoon depicts a flustered mother's attempt to find her wayward son.

Transcript below:

FLUSTERED LADY: "Have you seen a small boy?"
RECUMBENT GENTLEMAN: "Sandy-haired fat little demon? He's playing by himself near the breakwater."
FLUSTERED LADY: "No; I'm looking for my son __ a golden-haired plump little boy."
RECUMBENT GENTLEMAN: "Oh, I beg your pardon. He's playing by himself near the breakwater."

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  1. Perfect example of the kind od sardonic wit, the English so excell at. Marvelous.(Catflaps a gonner).


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