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Saturday, 5 June 2010


Motoring in the early 20th Century was an exciting if dangerous pastime. No driving tests were introduced until 1935 and accidents were common. Hand signals were the norm; indicators had yet to be invented. The ubiquitous Ford Model T was first built in 1908 and by 1920 half of all the motor vehicles in the world were Model T’s. By 1927 production ceased after 19 years and 15 Million vehicles. Many elderly folk had never seen or travelled in a motor car before and the experience was a huge novelty, as in this cartoon by Henry M Brocks (1875-1960) depicts.

Transcript below:

DEAR OLD LADY (having a lift - her first motor ride - as chaffeur signals a turn) "Look here, young man - you keep both hands on the wheel. I'll tell you when it begins to rain."


  1. Great cartoon and apt for this w/e Motor Show. I love cartoons and I love this site, Magnie. My fav cartoonist is Leunig - Australian and always makes me laugh.

  2. Thanks Abby, it's fun to do and sort through all these old cartoons! Michael Leunig's style is great too, more sparse and he often courts controversy, though his great Vasco Pyjama ones are magic!!


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