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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


In the early years the emigrants wrote home to their families, telling of their success or otherwise as they tried to make a new life in a far and distant country. Quite a few worked hard and did well, sending back occasional unusual and exotic gifts. Many a Shetland home had a few items similar to the one referred to in this cartoon by Stan Terry from 1926.

Transcript below:

SQUIRE'S DAUGHTER: (after reading letter from cottager's son abroad). "And what will you do with the striped kimono your son says he's sending home?"
RUSTIC MOTHER: "You may well ask, Missie. I suppose I'll have to put it in one o' the pig-sties; but what I'm goin' to feed it on goodness only knows."

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  1. Tears now. All hot and sweaty too. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


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