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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Hi there, we’re back again, and I don’t suppose you’ve really missed me but we got caught up in a series of events not necessarily of my own doing! However, not to worry I have been looking through the collection again, and since we appear to be on the edge of a small Ice Age, according to all the weather predictions, I thought this cartoon by George S Sherwood quite appropriate. The country will no doubt grind to a halt once more as the dreaded snow paralyses all means of transport, while meantime we will just slip the ram as usual and hope the cold doesn’t cool his ardour.

Transcript below:

WIFE: "And while you are in the village get me a copy of 'Home Firesides' and a funny joke paper for Eric, but not the one with Tiny Tiddlers and the Tinker Tots in. And put your hat on straight; you look like a jockey."

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